Membership: Limited TIME offer!

Offer expires october 15, 2012

The Motorhome-China core team has now established a membership structure with the intent to build an international network. We are looking for members who share with us the goals of growing the China RV business and at the same time want to enjoy the benefits of knowing good and trusted business partners.

Together we can be more efficient and effective.

For the first round of applications we are offering a bag of free goodies. The deadline for these applications is October 15, 2012.

All applications received by October 15, 2012 will receive the following special benefits, conditions for applications received after October 15 may vary.

  1. Members will be provided a public illustrated webpage (same content but in three languages) to introduce and promote their business FREE OF CHARGE FOR LIFETIME
  2. Members are entitled to carry the title 'Founding Member' if they desire to do so FREE FOR LIFETIME
  3. Members will receive a 15% discount for all advertisements FOR LIFETIME
  4. Members will get FREE FOR LIFETIME access to a restricted Motorhome China chat room