How can I become a member?

Here is our membership concept in detail
  1. There are three levels of membership: Basic Member, Advanced Member and Premier Member

  2. Now we accept applications for the Basic Membership only. The rules for Advanced Membership and Premier Membership are not finalized and will follow but we can say as much now that there will be a wait time of probably one year to get to the next level

  3. Basic Membership is always free

  4. The activities of Motorhome China are limited to activities that will promote the RV business in China. Motorhome China will not conduct any other business like selling or buying

  5. Members may conduct business with other members without any fees or commissions to Motorhome China

  6. All memberships need to be approved based on the information provided with the application. Motorhome China can refuse to grant membership without need to justify it. Memberships can also be revoked at any time without any justification given if deemed appropriate

  7. Memberships are approved or declined latest after 4 weeks of receiving the application

  8. Memberships can be canceled by the member by informal mail at any time

  9. 9) The conditions for the Basic Membership are as follows:

    Members must be actively engaged in promoting the RV business in China

    A person that joins represents a company active in RV business today. The company he or she represents shares the goal of promoting China RV business with the Motorhome China group. At this point there are no private memberships (a person not representing a business)

    To demonstrate their membership in Motorhome China the company that the member represents puts the Motorhome China logo with a link on an appropriate web page of their own internet presence

    It is expected that members share information about their and their company’s RV related activities to strengthen their position in the group and possibly create business

    Members should treat other members with trust and fairness to create a good atmosphere for mutual business relationships and maybe even cooperate to the benefit of China RV business

  10. The benefits of the Basic Membership are as follows:

    Basic members will receive a bi-weekly newsletter from Motorhome China with member activities, group activities and other useful information. Members can obtain valuable information from this newsletter which can help them find new opportunities for their business.

    Basic members will be listed on the members page free of charge. Members will be provided a public illustrated webpage (same content but in three languages) to introduce and promote their business

    Basic members will receive a discount for all advertisements

    Members will get access to a restricted Motorhome China chat room (members only!) to discuss more private or confidential matters, look for help or look for business cooperations. Themes in the chat room are limited to RV related items

  11. With your application, please provide the following information:

    Your name, email, address, telephone numbers, QQ number

    Your company name, location, RV related products, home page URL

    An informal confirmation that your application is agreed to by your company's leadership

    When and where you first heard of Motorhome China

    A short explanation why you want to join Motorhome China

    How many RVs (motorhomes and trailers, no other) you think will be sold in China in 2015 and 2020

    Please mail your application to guenter@motorhome-china.com. If your application is in Chinese, please add the English word ‘Application’ to the subject line